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League and get crushed by free mut coins

12 grudnia 2019, 02:35
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League and get crushed by free mut coins

Epic guarantees a return on Madden 20 coins investment and that outweighs the benefits that could be provided to the consumer and the benefits. They're just throwing money at something to solve a problem, circumventing the idea of competition. They couldn't compete, their game still sucks, a lot of the the animations, the locomotion/physics, the handling engine. They bought their way from having to make a product that was much better and the NFL let them get away with it since they were paid.

Blame EA when it is the NFL that really gave the exclusivity agency to them? Money is put by the NFL over letting people do what they want with their product, or allowing multiple people to purchase a contract. They in the end are the ones that said yes to the large pile of money.They're at fault too, but I doubt they understood anything about Madden games on a play level or actually cared for that tbh. They earn money either way provided that Madden would remain to be hot.

As someone who has played with FUT for decades and just got into MUT this past year, I don't understand how people can state this.In my first MUT I was easily able to build a 90+ roster without having to spend a penny and was regularly awarded free top grade cards. FUT on the other hand, you had to always constantly be on market watch to try make coins. Either this, or try your chance at weekend league and get crushed by free mut coins 95+ teams over and over until you can manage good Madden players. At least MUT let us you grind solos so you can be competitive online, to earn excellent cards. FUT is take your shitty 80 team online and get smashed till you can afford better Madden players that cost silly money.

I miss the NCAA football games. As much as I like a good Madden franchise there's not enough space for rebuilding. Most teams are just a few good picks away from contending in the NFL. I liked taking UMASS like that to the national championship or some shit. College Hoops was good for that.

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