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MoAuba from the FIFA 20 Coins

18 września 2019, 03:48
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MoAuba from the FIFA 20 Coins

"I scored a goal against MoAuba from the FIFA 20 Coins Playoffs after doing three elasticos... that is not realistic. That's changed. Should you perform another elastico soon following your player might lose the ball and I believe that's good."

Anyone can cross - you press on and then it is random if you receive the ball in the air. I want a balanced game at which any play-style will get the job done. "Ultimately, there's Mohammed"MoAuba" Harkous who showed his command of FIFA 19 by being crowned this year's FIFA eWorld Cup winner. The Werder Bremen player used both timed finishing and moving the goalkeeper during the tournament.

"Obviously I'm happy timed finishing and moving the goalkeeper will stay at FIFA 20. It's so important for your skill-gap," the German told Goal before adding:"For tournaments, it's so difficult to hit green while you're under pressure - it's a skill and some other ability expression is always good in FIFA.

"I think each of the complaints about buy Fut 20 Coins not going the goalkeeper great or not time your shots good, you need to learn it. You can not say in football you are not allowed to cross well because I can't defend it so you need to learn."


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