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Popular Dota 2 Auto Chess now has more than five million players

25 marca 2019, 03:32
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As the game goes on, you rack up more Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy and can buy more heroes. All heroes initially are 1-star heroes. Putting three 1-start heroes (same hero) on the chess board at the same time combines them to make a 2-star hero. This means that it will not be bad to quickly inspect all available heroes and improve them while your opponents have not so many of them. When a player dies, his heroes return to the store.

You then get matched with a player to battle the round out. The loser loses one life point and you get matched with a new available player. The winner of the game is the last man standing. Mechs and goblins you usually have in the first round in the proposals. Your level and maximum piece count can be found in the upper right hand of the screen. Your Chess Player will gain some experience after each level and can be leveled up much faster by buying chunks of experience for 5 gold each.

One of Dota 2 Auto Chess weirdest secrets, popular mod Dota 2 Auto Chess now has more than five million players, a player-count that many full releases would be happy with. For example, three 1-star Luna’s on the board will give a player one 2-star Luna. Three 2-star Luna’s will give one 3-start Luna. The simplest strategy is to get several heroes with the same class and specialty. However, do not get carried away, otherwise there will be problems with certain hero stacks.

Either you are new to the game or an experienced player tips and tricks can always be helpful. Two Mechs on the field already give a strong synergy, the opponent can only break with great damage. The units heal themselves. Look for Clockwerk and Tinker and make sure to add a Timbersaw, which in turn is very strong. Every Piece you buy from the store begins as a 1-star unit. Upgrading an individual chess piece requires 3 copies of that piece. Simply place three 1-star units on the board at the same time and voila!

Summing up Dota 2 Auto Chess in a few sentences is tough. It actually has very little to do with Dota or Chess, and more in common with a turn-based strategy game, rewarding a strategic brain mixed with fast decision making and micro skills in the gap between the rounds to get everything set up. So basically to get a 3-start version of a hero, a player will need nine 1-star versions of the hero! Upgrading a hero increases his/her HP, skill level and the damage done to the enemy courier.

Warriors give an increase in physical armor. To cope with the Warriors, it is enough to expose the Mages, who inflict the main damage magic. Your gold (resource) is really really important. You use it to either buy items, which will get you stronger, or upgrades (which will do the same). All 'Mechs are also goblins at the same time, and if you have three of them on the field, you will receive a random unit of extra armor and strong Health regeneration. This gives you a very hard-to-knee team that only needs three units.

They will combine to form a much more powerful 2-star piece. Got three 2-star pieces on the board? Well they combine to a super powerful maxxed-out 3-star unit. Having trouble finding copies of the same piece? You can always refresh the offerings in the piece shop for 2 gold. The game is remarkably deep considering the fact it’s made as a personal project. Taking inspiration from the base game roster of characters and items and layering over a new progression system. In case the five heroes appearing in front of you are not the ones you want, you can always spend Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy Packs, refresh and get a fresh set of five new heroes.


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