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FIFA 19 Klose 4231 lineup experience

24 stycznia 2019, 09:16
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In FIFA 19, the lineup most commonly used by players should be 4231. 4231 is a popular full-attack and full-defense type in football. From 2001 to 2002, after being successfully adopted by Real Madrid, it became popular. Klose is also one of the legendary players who just joined FIFA 19 this year and feels very good.

In the middle with Piero and Klose is really very cost-effective, within 100w, when I saw two futbin goals were bought at 0.95, really good use, a lot of improvement, I feel that with Piero Still the legendary artifact of the pioneering land, it is worth to enter one, use the cam.

I tried to match Kluwert in the middle, with Crespo in the middle, and Klose in the middle, still feel that Klose is a high gear, and the low match is not good. The match does not live up to the top 5 of the goal list of the week. Cost-effective, you can really enter one. FIFA 19's 4231 tactic board is really great, it is very suitable for defensive players. It is recommended that players in the bottleneck period can try to use it. After using it, the whole game is very comfortable. It feels like a lot of people in front, back and back. The defensive improvement is very high and there is a strong sense of presence.

The 4231 tactical board needs to be set in advance in the defensive strategy. The opening strategy is first adjusted to the defensive strategy, and then the player is manually placed in the correct position. The lineup of the entry is full of chemistry. Buy FIFA POINTS with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.

Whether you are playing the ultimate team or professional mode, you will soon find a pattern that appears in FIFA 19 soon: the wide channel leaves so far away. It may not be very beautiful - or especially like athletes - but it is also worth developing. This is the use of 5-2-3. It gives you the advantage that there are two players on each wing that have been overloaded while still maintaining a solid foundation in the midfield.

For extra help, tap the width gauge on defense and offense according to the game plan. In addition, moving the player in the Box to the seventh or eighth level will always ensure that someone is waiting to use the cross that you will bomb the opposition.

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