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World of Warplanes teamed up with Iron Maiden

24 czerwca 2019, 04:55
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Safe World of Warplanes Gold

"Thanks to the thousands of testers who cooperated with last year's Japanese version test, we were able to launch the official service of" World of Warplanes "in Japan. The game has been improved to make it easier to understand and enjoy more comfortably while steadily reflecting the feedback received from testers.In addition, last year's tests showed limited content. We appreciate it, but this time it will be published in the full version, and all the text and voiceovers will be fully localized, so please enjoy the world of "World of Warplanes".

Tim ultimately bailed out during the game’s transition from closed to open beta. As part of the changeover, every player’s progress was reset. All the hours Tim spent advancing through the tech tree, upgrading his planes with Wargaming’s mix of in-game currencies, were lost. Everything he’d unlocked was worthless in this new frontier. Faced with the possibility of sinking more hours into planes only to lose them again when the game released, Tim moved on. “It’s fairly normal,” Tim says, “but I obviously wasn’t as invested in it as I thought I was.”

World of Warplanes is the second game in Wargaming’s World of strategy series. Warplanes was released in 2013 after a lengthy beta; Tim got into the game during that beta period. “It was great,” Tim recalls. “I went up the German tech tree, because I thought the German planes were cool, and I got to the Messerschmidt 109 Zwilling, which is just two Messerschmidts sellotaped together to make a larger plane.”

Next, global brand director Al King will be on stage. For domestic marketing, the slogan was first changed from "GET AIRBONE" in the West to the more familiar "SCRAMBLE" with the same meaning. In addition, with regard to the marketing of "WoWP", the past where we collaborated with metal band Iron Maiden is revealed, and in 2018 we are producing collaboration PV of "WoWP" and "Aces High". In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Safe World of Warplanes Gold, you possibly can email us on our own page.

The press conference also announced plans for development in 2019. WoWP Development Director Alexander Cassianenko announced several plans, including the addition of USSR and US bombers, the implementation of the "Taar Gunner Campaign," and an improved tutorial. He also plans to collaborate with the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The collaboration with Iron Maiden takes place in June 2018, so this is the second one. "I want to collaborate with Japanese bands," said Al King, WoWP global brand director.

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