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Selection of diamond blade materials

2 grudnia 2021, 10:02
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we are the manufacturer of stone tools and machinery. The main products are diamond segment, diamond saw blade, stone abrasive, drilling tool, diamond wire, multi-blade bridge block cutter, laser cutting machine, polisher line etc.

diamond blade comprises a base material and a knife body, the base material is provided with convex grooves along the disc edge, a plurality of dovetail grooves are evenly distributed along the circle, an inverted dovetail convex wedge is set in the middle of two adjacent dovetail grooves, and a rib plate is set at the root of the convex groove and the middle ring at the bottom of the plurality of groove grooves. The knife body inhibits calcination and is fixedly connected to the convex groove composed of dovetail groove, dovetail convex wedge and rib plate.


Diamond blade is a special tool for high-precision forming and repair, with the characteristics of high efficiency and stable precision. The cutter mouth of huma Technology Co., Ltd. is vertical without burr, the cutter head is sharp, anti-wear, sufficient ductility and wound leveling. It is especially integrated into the company's application in the production and manufacturing of complex surface products and workpieces that cannot be cut off.

Scope of application

Integrated circuit chip laser cutting; Production and processing of jadeite jade crystal crafts; Processing technology: production and processing of porcelain optical lenses; Medical specimen collection, optical cable and cable connection, production and processing; Vehicle silicone rubber sealing strip is cut off, plastic products are cut off with metal material frame, and other precious raw materials are drilled, produced and processed.

The goods are made of raw materials

Stainless steel plate is used as raw material. Good production equipment and good process secret recipe are applied. High quality natural diamond raw materials are selected to generate its cutting head. The goods have high wear resistance and can be divided by high hard metal materials and non-metal materials.

Because the high steel metal composite is selected as the steel core and the metal material fusion agent of the Second Ring Road, high stiffness is obtained, which can complete long-time load and deep laser cutting. According to the selection of different fusion agent types, it can be suitable for cutting and grooving of a variety of different materials.

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