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The WoW Classic players' arguments about dungeon abbreviation have not stopped

15 października 2019, 10:18
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What happens when the returning veterans and beginners in WoW Classic meet? In the wild, old players may patiently guide the novice, and if they have extra time, they will even help the novice to speed up the task. But when things involve the abbreviation of the dungeon name, the situation will be completely different. In the community, debates about such issues have taken over the forum's home page. As one of the old players of the return, I have not completely got rid of this madness.

To this end, I read some interesting posts and author's theories on the forum, trying to understand the source of all confusion and quarrels. I chose the alliance in WoW Classic, and some people on Reddit pointed out that DM is an abbreviation often used by tribal players in the vanilla era to refer to The Deadmines because Westfall is far from Orgrimmar, and most of them are based on reliable information. Horde players don't even know the name of the final boss of this dungeon. Interestingly, in the WoW Classic more than a decade later, these former tribal players joined the league and tried to reapply their original experience to the game. Not only that, but some people in the community have announced that the capitalization of "DM" refers to Dire Maul, while the lowercase "dm" is Deadmines, which is a reliable solution.

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After that, I had some unexpected discoveries that for each particular server, the situation in which players use DM or VC abbreviations is different. The servers I have played include Bleeding Hollow and Dunemaul, both of which use VC servers. However, some players have shared the situation of other servers, and it is obvious that some of them belong to the DM server.

In this case, the current situation of the WoW Classic is similar to that of the Tower of Babel. Players are unable to communicate normally because of different terminology, resulting in failure of the target.

The key issue is that the current update schedule for WoW Classic has not yet entered the second phase. All discussions are limited to The Deadmines, and no one will be misled by either DM or VC. When Dire Maul's door opens, things may move in a worse direction. According to the information provided by Blizzard's official website, Dire Maul will be introduced to the game one week in advance, and this day is not far from us.

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