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Players can finally let the characters in World of Warcraft bare upper body.

14 sierpnia 2019, 11:33
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Most players' deepest impression of World of Warcraft should come from the demon hunter - Illidan, whose style in the game is very appealing: he is a demon hunter, blindfolded with a bandage and waving two glaives. Many players can't wait to create a character with the same shape in the game, but when they enter World of Warcraft, they are disappointed to find that there is no demon hunter in the game, there is no weapon like glaives, and most importantly, any The characters can't bare the upper body! This makes the character photo on the back of the World of Warcraft box look like a false advertising.

In an expansion in 2017, World of Warcraft joined the demon hunter profession, and many players began to take risks in World of Warcraft. But for these players, one more thing is that Blizzard has never been completed - the character still can't hide the armor and reveal the chest.

Until the recent World of Warcraft 8.2 patch was officially released, the dream of players letting the character bare upper body finally realized. In the new transmogrification system, players are free to hide any armor they have, except for the leg armor. Not only that, they can also buy cheap WoW Class Gold on the official website of Prior to this, the player could only hide the character's helmet. For the large amount of new content in the 8.2 patch, this simple change is trivial - in this update, not only the addition of two new exploration areas and a series of new story missions, but also the Azeroth Heart System Some very interesting improvements. But in fact, most players are thrilled to be able to expose their characters to the upper body.

This is a very good design, but it's hard to imagine that it took so long to get the effect. Eight years ago, the transmogrification system was added to World of Warcraft for the first time, with players adventuring through Azeroth's old expansions to collect some coveted piece of gear that would make their outfit really pop.

In the World of Warcraft community, many players posted posts showing naked characters, which are very popular. Many players are excited to announce: "Starting today we have been freed from the tyranny of armor!"

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